Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm baaaaack!

Two and a half years later, I have overcome my Facebook addiction and I'm wondering why the hell I ever quit blogging in the first place. There will be no retrospective of the missing years because nobody but my family reads this thing and you guys already know the highlights anyway. More or less.

So, Britt's two front teeth have been wiggly all summer and one of them is FINALLY hanging by a thread. Like it would totally pop right out if I could just get a good grip on it, which I can't because it's so small and slippery. She won't let me tie a string around it either. Papa also gave it a try last night but had no more success than I did, so we all subsided and headed off to bed. At which point Britt started hollering that IT WAS COMING OUT! RIGHT NOW!!! And so we convened in the bathroom:



Alas, it was a false alarm. But all was not lost, because Britt then treated us to a demonstration of how she talks in her sleep:



troubledcaregiver said...


So, what's the tooth fairy paying these days?

Anonymous said...

The troubledcaregiver comment is mine. Thought I deleted that blog....never did anything with it.


Sandra D said...

Well, don't delete it, because I think your trouble is coming back, and soon.

I dunno about the tooth fairy; she got $20 for her two bottom ones, but that was because she had to get a shot when the dentist pulled them. We've already told her that the TF pays extra when you have to have a shot.

troubledcaregiver said...

$10 a tooth?? I think I got a quarter!! Damn inflation.

The trouble...yes, we've been discussing that. Mom has decided that Lesley is moving back and that's that. Somehow I doubt that Lesley sees it that way.

Life is about to get interesting again.